Smart car diffuser

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The smart car diffuser, which operates with a motion sensor system, works with any movement of the car, or when it stops working, or while the car is parked, or any...

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The smart car diffuser, which operates with a motion sensor system, works with any movement of the car, or when it stops working, or while the car is parked, or any movement surrounding the device.

It keeps the car smelling fresh at all times.

Coverage area: 10-50 square meters

Battery size: 300 mAh

Perfume bottle size: 5 ml


 Contents of box

-6 perfume bottles for a collection of luxurious scents. You can also obtain a refill of the diffuser by ordering via the website.

The scents included with the device are:

Cambodian: The scent of luxurious Cambodian oud mixed with the scent of Dokhoon Oud 

Lisbon: It starts with the scent of pineapple, sweet lemon, black raisins, and apple, and reaches in the heart notes to patchouli and dry birch, in addition to rose and Moroccan jasmine.

Paradise: Perfume ingredients: amber, jasmine, patchouli, cardamom, leather

Gardenia: From white gardenia flowers that flourish under the sunlight in the Arabian desert and blend with the smoky scent of oud and warm amber on a base of white musk to enjoy an innovative and attractive aromatic experience.

Lotus: It is a wonderful blend of refined woody scents, velvety musk scents, and the sweetness of fragrant flowers.

Valerian: ingredients of bergamot, black grapes, guaiac wood, amber and musk.



- Type C charging cable.

- Sticker and clip to fix the device.

Top of Form

How to use:

  • Pull the diffuser cover to the top
  • Unscrew the bottle cap
  • Put the bottle onto the diffuser cap and turn it clockwise
  • Hold the device upright, then press the power button for 5 seconds to turn on the device



  • Please keep the device upright, placing the device at an angle may cause oil leakage, which may cause damage to the device and its working efficiency

  • This device can only be used with the oils included with it. Do not add any external oils so as not to harm the device. You can purchase refills through the website.

  • If the device malfunctions, do not modify or repair the device on your own. Please contact the competent person.


  • Charge the device for 4 hours and operate for 20 hours continuously, recommended.
  • Please place the bottle outside the device and close it tightly.
  • You can turn the device on or off by pressing the power button for 3 seconds
  • Do not charge the device using a fast charger.
  • The indicator light is blue, steaming for 5 seconds and stopping for 5 minutes.
  • The indicator light is violet, steaming for 5 seconds and off for 10 minutes.

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Smart car diffuser

QAR 200,00
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